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Ever thought of becoming a talk show host but tired of finding the right fit for you, high costs with low return, doing the work and operations yourself, or more? Do you have the show but little time to operate it yourself, find yourself with out a home, or simply want to meet a station that has the same morals your looking for? Contact us today for options from free to paid services at affordability lower than the standard costs you see today everywhere else!


Looking for affordable on air or rebroadcast advertisement solutions? WCGT is predicted to reach from 4,000 to 20,000 listeners per week with a return rate already at 90%. Why not place your adds LIVE during talk show sessions or even during our music broadcasts at affordable no contract costs to meet your needs?


Are you a local band, musician, or creator looking to get your work heard and recognized? With a world wide listen digital base we would be glad to play your music on air each week! Promoting local artists is a foundation of supporting the next generation world wide..submit your work today for approval and be heard by over 20,000 listeners as your talent gets noticed. in no time!




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